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“Heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary”

– Gerard Way

Photo by Milene van Arendonk

The Superhero Academy helps children and youngsters to a better future

by using a trauma-sensitive approach to find their resilience.


Many children and young people grow up under extreme circumstances such as conflict, having to flee, poverty, abuse and Covid-19.


They face anxiety, deteriorated mental health and often the loss of security, opportunities, or even the hope for a better future.  


These often traumatic events have a negative effect on the development of youth, their functioning and the society in which they live.

Training and advice in empowering (traumatized) youth

for their optimal development.


The Superhero Academy offers national and international training and advice in empowering (traumatized) children and youngsters, through:

Team training

For teams working in the Netherlands or internationally within NGOs, education, youth care and (mental) health care.

Collaboration in project or program

For organizations with projects, programs and / or policies for children and young people from conflict and post-conflict areas.

Group training

children & youngsters

For children and youngsters  in refugee camps, schools, asylum centers and community centers.


Increasing resilience improves mental health. Through professionals -or directly with the children and youngsters themselves- resilience is increased by means of:

  • Recognizing and understanding (the effects of) trauma

  • Strengthening self-knowledge, -awareness and -regulation

  • Experiencing successes

  • Activating social assistance systems

  • Strengthening the identity  

  • Strengthening communication skills

  • (Weather) Learning to dream, future orientation

  • Increasing pleasure and happiness  

  • Taking control and ownership of one's own life


Photo: Gustavo Ruben Valenzuela, edit: Arjan Bos

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