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“Heroes aren’t extinct,

they are all around us”

– C. G. Cooper

Photo by Milene van Arendonk

The Superhero Academy is committed to an optimal development of children and youngsters who grow up in disadvantaged circumstances.


Disruptive events can have serious consequences on the development and mental health of youth; like trauma. They have an increased risk of health issues and psychosocial-, developmental- and learning problems.


Help children and young people discover their inner strength,

so that they can develop optimally towards a bright future!

Moria Refugee Camp_19.JPG

When children and youngsters discover their own strength (resilience), they can deal better with their past ánd get grip on their future.


They discover their strength when they feel connected to others again, experience success, develop their identity and learn the right skills to improve their mental health and resilience.


The Superhero Academy provides training and advice on activating the Superpower in youth, in a trauma-informed way. So both youth and the professional educators around them can contribute to the optimal development and a bright future for this vulnerable group.

Photo by Milene van Arendonk



The Superhero Academy was founded by pedagogue Sjouke Ummels. She has 12+ years of experience working with international organizations (educational and NGOs), focusing on the psychosocial well-being of youth.  

From the professional field it became clear how great the need is for practical knowledge and skills in the field of resilience, mental health and trauma. Not only from (traumatized) young people themselves, but also from professionals who are committed to their development.


Determined to make a difference for vulnerable youth, Sjouke founded the Superhero Academy, in collaboration with specialists and experts by experience.


Sjouke Ummels MSc.

Pedagogue & Trainer


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