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"The greatest glory in living lies not

in never falling, but in rising

every time we fall" – Nelson Mandela

Photo by Milene van Arendonk


The Superhero Academy builds the future of children and youngsters, with respect for their past.


Through trauma-informed training and projects , resilience, mental health, identity development and

future prospects in children are strengthened.  With the right guidance, they find their own strength

and can use their potential optimally.


This not only benefits their own future, but also that of the society around them.


We let every child find his or her superpower!

Training & Collaboration

Team training professionals

In the Netherlands and internationally

In this in company  training, knowledge, skills and tools are acquired to strengthen resilience, mental health, identity development and future prospects in youth.

Special attention is paid to working in a trauma-informed way.


Professional self-care is also discussed, to prevent burnout and secondary traumatization.

The team acquires knowledge and skills that they can apply immediately. The full training consists of three meetings, but workshops on the sub-themes can also be provided.

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Collaboration in projects / programs
National and international

The Superhero Academy offers organizations training, advice and support in the areas of trauma-sensitive working, resilience, mental health and identity development.

Particularly aimed at children and young people from disadvantaged situations.

In addition, the Superhero Academy has a network of specialists and partners; for example, Superhero Academy is part of the cooperatives Laguna Collective and EduXprss .

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Group training children / youngsters

National and international

With a Superhero training, children and young people discover their through knowledge, skills and tools  inner strength . They get to know themselves better and use their unique resilience for a better future.  


The training includes a project of several meetings; always tailored in collaboration with the local organization or institution.


Ideally, this will be combined with a team training of the professionals and follow-up guidance; to embed the achieved impact and make it more sustainable.

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The Superhero Academy methodology is based on:


  • Resilience Theory - Fergus & Zimmerman

  • Self Determination Theory - Ryan & Deci

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – Beck & Ellis

  • Positive Psychology - Seligman & Csikszentmihalyi

  • Attachment Theory - John Bowlby

  • Theory of Mindset - Carol Dweck

  • Psychosocial Development Theory - Erik Erikson

  • CHIME framework - Leamy et. al . (METS / 7ROSES)

  • Theory of Multiple Intelligence – Howard Gardner

  • Green Games

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